Moving in

The keys

When the lease is signed, the tenant gets their personal set of keys. The keys fit the front door, the doors of the flat, the tenant’s own room, the storage, and the common facilities. The tenant must look after the keys well. If they loses a key, they will be charged for the cost of changing the locks. Lost keys must be reported to the office immediately.

Moving in date

Tenancy usually begins on the first day of the month, and you cannot move in before that. If the first day of tenancy is a Saturday, a Sunday or a holiday, the moving day is the next working day. The keys of the flat will be given to the tenant at our office during office hours.

The Moving-in form

With the lease, the tenant gets a moving-in form. They have to make a note in the form of any defects and marks found in the flat when moving in. This procedure facilitates the monitoring of the condition of the flat and will also safeguard the tenant when they moves out. The moving-in form can be filled online within seven days of the beginning of tenancy or on paper if the tenant arrives later. The paper form needs to be returned at the office within seven days of arriving in Joensuu. The tenant gets a signed copy of the form. If the tenant finds any deficiencies in the condition of the flat, they must contact our office immediately. After the tenant has moved out, we will inspect the flat and compare its condition with the information filled in to the moving-in form by the tenant. Any damage that is not to be regarded as natural wear and tear will be charged to the tenant.

Please note that due to technical reasons the moving-in-form is not the same as making a notice of defect. We have already listed the defects we will repair when we inspected the flat before you moved in. We will use master key when doing repairs. If you have any questions, please contact our maintenance. You can see the contact info here.

The notice of removal

Upon moving out, the tenant must always give a notice of removal, required by the Population Register Law, to the Registry Office (Fi. ’maistraatti’) of Joensuu and, if necessary, a notice of change of address to the Post Office. Both notices can be given by telephone (Tel. +358 203 456 456), on the internet at or on a form to be returned to either the Post Office or the Registry Office.


give  a notice of removal to the Registry Office (Maistraatti in Finnish) of Joensuu and if necessary to the Post Office.

Both notices can be given here: »


At the beginning of tenancy you must fill out the Moving-in Form.

Fill out the form here »