Student apartment
from Joensuu

Are you studying full-time at a post-primary school in Joensuu? Great, welcome to Elli!

Whether it’s a shared apartment, a studio, or a family home – Elli offers student housing for various needs. Submit an online housing application and list your preferences!

Where do I book a sauna turn? Who replaces a burnt-out light bulb? When is the deadline for giving notice to terminate the apartment?

Check out Elli’s information bank, where all essential resident information is compiled. And feel free to ask ElliBot or our customer service for any assistance!

Who and what is Student Housing Ltd. Joensuun Elli?

Joensuun Elli, affectionately known as Elli among friends, constructs, maintains, and rents out apartments in nearly 40 different locations throughout Joensuu. Under Elli’s roof, 25% of post-primary school students in Joensuu find their homes! Students and bicycles go hand in hand, just like coveralls and badges, so all our properties are within cycling distance from the city center and the heart of student life. With our reasonable rent levels, there’s more money left for the student life experience.

How to live at Elli?

That’s how it goes.

The best living in Finland’s best student city

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Office opening hours from 1st June

From June onwards Elli office is open  from 12 pm until 3 pm. The last working day and the first [...]