The residents of Elli have their own internet connection called ElliNet, which is available in almost all Elli apartments. There are three different network technologies used in the buildings: Ethernet, ADSL, and VDSL2. Check the list below to see which network technology is used in your apartment. Make an ElliNet contract, get the necessary modem, and then start surfing!

Apajakuja 1 ADSL
Eteläkatu 14 Ethernet
Huvilakatu 26 ADSL, coming VSDL
Itäranta 18 Ethernet
Kaislakatu 10 VDSL
Kalastajankatu 32 ADSL
Kalevankatu 26b Ethernet
Kalevankatu 29 Ethernet
Karjamäentie 10 ADSL
Karjamäentie 12 ADSL
Karjamäentie 4 ADSL
Kimpikuja Ethernet
Kiulutie 2 Ethernet
Koulukatu 30 VDSL
Latolankatu 9 Ellinet not available
Leilitie 1 Ethernet

Leinikkitie 4 (old part) ADSL
Leinikkitie 4 (new part) Ethernet
Louhelankatu 10 VDSL
Länsikatu 18 A ja C Ethernet
Merimiehenkatu 30 Ethernet
Mäntyläntie 3 VDSL
Niskakatu 15 Ethernet
Niskakatu 16 Ethernet
Niskakatu 16 D Ethernet
Niskakatu 25 Ethernet
Noljakankaari 12-16 VDSL
Noljakankaari 38 VDSL
Noljakankaari 6 VDSL
Noljakantie 86 VDSL
Noljakantie 91 VDSL
Nuottaniementie 16 and 18 Ethernet

Opiskelijankatu 7 Ethernet
Peltolankatu 11 VDSL
Peltolankatu 5 VDSL
Penttilänkulma 2 Ethernet
Pursitie 7 Ethernet
Ruoritie 2 Ethernet
Sairaalakatu 8 ADSL
Sepänkatu 15 Ethernet
Sepänkatu 39b Ethernet
Siltakatu 26 ADSL
Suvikatu 17 Ethernet
Suvikatu 19 Ethernet
Suvikuja 8 Ethernet
Tikkamäentie 6 Ethernet

Theoretical Connection Speeds for Different Technologies

Ethernet 100/100 Mbit/s
ADSL 24/1 Mbit/s (except Sairaalakatu 8/1 Mbit/s)
VDSL2 100/50 Mbit/s (profiili 17a)

Cancellation of Internet Contract

The notice period is one calendar month. Cancellation must always be done in writing – the best way is to use the cancellation form or send an email to [email protected].

Facing technical challenges?

Contact ElliNet Helpdesk
Phone: 013 339 0900 (on weekdays 9 – 15)
Email:  [email protected]

Order Form

With ElliNet, you can use the internet unlimitedly for a monthly fee of 20 euros.

NOTE: If you do not receive an order confirmation by email within two business days, please contact Elli’s office at [email protected] or 013 337 7800.

NOTE: ElliNet connection cannot be ordered for Latolankatu 9.

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