In all Elli properties, there are parking spaces equipped with heating outlets, which we rent separately.

  • You are allowed to park your own car only in the reserved parking space. Driving or parking on the driveways is not allowed, as they must be kept clear at all times for emergency vehicles. Please note that Elli’s courtyard areas fall under the city’s parking enforcement, and you may receive a parking violation ticket if your vehicle is parked incorrectly
  • The parking space fee is paid monthly along with the rent. The minimum rental period for a parking space is one calendar month.
  • Attention winter drivers! Always keep the heating plug cover locked, and do not leave the heating cable unattended when not in use.

Parking Space Termination

When you no longer need a parking space, you can terminate it by filling out a termination form or by calling Elli’s office at 013 337 7800 or emailing [email protected]. Also, please inform us if you no longer require electric vehicle charging at your reserved parking space and will continue its regular use. Billing for electricity will remain in effect until we receive notification of the cessation of electric charging.

Charging Electric Vehicles

In Elli’s newest properties, there is an opportunity for charging electric vehicles. For more information, inquire at Elli’s office at tel. 013 337 7800.

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