When you have decided to relinquish your apartment, carefully read the termination instructions and follow the guidelines provided.

Termination Notice Period

When you terminate the lease agreement, the notice period is one calendar month. The tenancy ends on the last day of the month following the termination month. For example, if you terminate the lease agreement at any time in May (1.5. – 31.5.), the tenancy will end on 30.6. When terminating a family apartment, both spouses must sign the termination notice.

Remember to also submit a change of address notification.

Clean the apartment and return the keys

The apartment and common areas must be emptied, cleaned, and the keys must be returned no later than the termination date of the lease agreement. If the termination date falls on a Saturday, Sunday, or public holiday, the keys must be returned by 9 am on the next business day.

Clean your room and common areas thoroughly – in a way that you would appreciate moving in as a new resident. Refer to the cleaning instructions for guidance. Also, remember to remove your belongings from the storage unit and outdoor equipment storage.

Lock the doors when leaving and return all apartment and parking keys, as well as the laundry reservation tag, to our office. If you do not return all apartment keys, the lock will be replaced, and the cost will be charged to the departing tenant.

If you live in a shared apartment, inform other residents in the unit about your move. They also need to prepare for the upcoming inspection and be ready for a potential new resident. Shared apartment residents are collectively responsible for the condition and cleanliness of the apartment at the time of the inspection.

Departure Inspection

When you move out of your apartment, maintenance will conduct a departure inspection at their own schedule. If you wish to be present during the inspection, you can arrange a time by contacting maintenance customer service. Please do this well in advance.

Refund of Security Deposit

If a security deposit was collected at the beginning of the lease, it will be refunded to the departing resident’s specified bank account within one month of the lease termination.

The refund is conditional on the apartment being in proper condition, rent and other payments being made, and keys returned to our office.

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