In housing communities, especially living in the same apartment with others, requires common rules and tolerance. Elli’s buildings adhere to general public order laws and Elli’s house rules. Familiarize yourself with them carefully.

It’s a good idea to establish shared rules for living in shared apartments. Shared apartment living is the responsibility of all residents. If one resident neglects their responsibilities, it does not justify you doing the same. Common areas in shared apartments (kitchen, hallway, and bathroom/toilet) must be kept clean together. Remember also to respect others’ property. Keeping pets is prohibited in shared apartments, and smoking is prohibited in all apartments and on apartment balconies.

If you feel that your peace is being disturbed, you can submit a disturbance notice to Joensuun Elli in two ways: Send us an email that provides us a good picture of the situation as whole. Our email is [email protected]. You can also come to visit our office and fill a paper form here.

If you so request, your identity will not be made known to the person causing the disturbance. We will deal with your disturbance notice and ask the person(s) causing the disturbance to respond to it. If you are the alleged offender requested to respond, it is worth your while to do so, so that both parties are heard. If the situation continues, we will proceed according to the law on the leasing of housing.

In an acute situation, it is best to call the police to calm the situation down and then write a notice to Elli office.

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