Student Housing Corporation Joensuu’s Elli (hereinafter referred to as Joensuu’s Elli) engages in rental housing activities that require the processing of personal data. The processing of personal data is based on the customer relationship, other relevant connections, or the customer’s consent. Personal data is used, for example, for managing customer relationships, conducting customer satisfaction and other surveys, customer communication, maintenance tasks for apartments, and marketing of apartments. Joensuu’s Elli pays special attention to the privacy and protection of personal data of customers, and adheres to good data processing practices.

Personal data is mainly collected directly from the customer. In addition, personal data is collected from sources such as Suomen Asiakastieto Oy’s credit information register and the Population Register Centre’s population information system. Joensuu’s Elli may also collect information about users’ end devices from its websites through cookies and other similar technologies, such as web analytics. Generally, collected information is not disclosed to entities outside Joensuu’s Elli, except in situations related to changes in the ownership of apartments and cooperation partners in accordance with the data protection plan.

According to the Personal Data Act, every individual has the right to inspect what information about them is stored in the register. A request for inspection must be made in writing and signed. The request is sent to the address Student Housing Corporation Joensuu’s Elli, Merimiehenkatu 30, P.O. Box 242, 80101 JOENSUU. When requesting information, the name, address, and personal identification number must be provided, along with whether specific information related to a certain matter is requested, all information, or information from a specific period.