The bathroom walls and floors are surfaced with either ceramic tile or vinyl covering. If you notice a broken surface, please report it to Elli maintenance immediately. Also immediately report any faulty or dripping taps or leaking toilet tanks you may notice, for those are real water squanderers.

To let the bathroom dry quickly after taking a shower, dry the floor with a squeegee and leave the door or the window open a crack. Continuous moisture creates conditions favourable for mould fungi. The shower curtain is meant to protect the bathroom from superfluous splash water and thus help to prevent moisture problems.

It should be washed with a fine wash programme (40 °C) every once in a while. If the shower curtain is missing or in poor condition, contact maintenance and you will get a new one. The lower parts of the walls round the shower easily gather grease and lime deposits. If the tiles or the vinyl covering develop reddish edges, they can be cleaned with a soft brush using a detergent for sanitary facilities. Please note that it is forbidden to do any mounting or drilling in the bathroom that would pierce the surfacing.

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