Responsibilities for maintenance



Locks, keys

Repairing locks x
Ordering new key(s) x Elli takes care of, but tenant pays.
Changing new locks (e.g. if tenant has lost a key) x Elli takes care of, but tenant pays.
Installing security lock on apartment’s entrance door x Only with permission from Elli, must be left to door when moving out.


Apartment’s entrance door(s) x Normal wearing is covered by Elli.
Putting tenant’s name on entrance door or letter box/slot. x Do not use pen/pencil because it cannot be removed easily. Visit a hardware store for proper plates or print a sticker.
Installing peephole to apartment’s entrance door x Only with permission from Elli, must be left to door when moving out.
Any door but the apartment entrance door x Normal wearing is covered by Elli.


Glasses x
Weather strips x
Frames and fittings x
Washing windows x

Walls, ceilings, floors

Painting or repairing walls and ceilings x Tenant pays costs if damage is not considered as normal wearing
Repairing floors x Tenant pays costs if damage is not considered as normal wearing
Hooks, nails, holes, marks, etc.


x They will be fixed on tenant’s expense when tenant moves out.

Permanent furniture

Repairing rooms’ and kitchen’s fixed cupboards and wardrobe x
Repairing bathroom’s fixed cupboards, shelves, mirror, etc. x
Shower curtain



Electrical equipment

Fuses x
Sockets, light switches and apartment’s electric cords x
Sockets for tv, internet and telephone x
Wire/cable for TV x
Light bulbs and fluorescent lights x
Starters for fluorescent lights x
Light bulbs for refrigerator and stove x
Fire alarm x (Tenant is responsible for acquiring, installing and maintaining a fire alarm)
Repairing stove, refrigerator and freezer x
Defrosting and cleaning refrigerator and freezer x

Water and sewer system

Seal rings for taps x
Repairing taps and shower x
Repairing toilet seat and washbasin x
Repairing sinks x
Connecting washing machine or a dish washer x It is strongly recommended to pay for a professional to do this and to have a home insurance in case of accidents!
Plugs for sink or washbasin x
Cleaning floor drain and drain-traps of sink and washbasin x
Cleaning of the odor locks in the basins x
Opening blocks in sewer pipes x Tenant needs to try to open blockage first e.g. with a chemical product meant for that.
Repairing leakages in plumbing. x Tenant is responsible for reporting any leakage immediately to service man on call!


Repairing stove’s hood x
Cleaning filter and valve of stove’s hood, changing stove’s light bulb x
Cleaning ventilation pipes’ valves x New filters from Elli
Repairing ventilation pipes’ valves x


Releasing air from radiators x
Repairing radiators and their valves x
Regulating apartment’s temperature x


Repairing furniture owned by Elli x
Cleaning apartment x

Note also

  • Tenant needs to take care of his/her flat. In a shared apartment tenants are together responsible for condition, furniture and appliances of shared areas of the apartment.
  • Any type of repair has to be paid by tenant if tenant or his/her visitors caused damage. Tenant is responsible for both intentionally caused damage as well as damage caused by carelessness, negligence or lack of maintenance. Tenant doesn’t need to pay repairs that are done because of normal wearing.
  • Tenant may not renovate or paint apartment.
  • If you notice some fault or problem in your flat or elsewhere in your housing unit, report it to our customer service.
  • Any leaks in plumbing or other urgent matters are to be reported immediately to our customer service or, outside office hours, to the service man on call.
  • Wasting warm water and heating energy is to be avoided. Lights need to be off and water taps and electric appliances closed when they are not used. Keep also windows and entrance doors shut.
  • Avoid attaching things to walls or roofs. If there are special baseboards for hanging paintings in your apartment/room, use those instead of fixing hooks or nails to the wall.
  • Sockets’ covers and all electrical or other equipment needed for hanging lamps must be left at their place when you move out.
  • It is recommended that you take out a home insurance that would cover possible damage to your belongings in case of some accident like leakage in plumbing.
  • Joensuun Elli’s personnel has right to enter tenant’s apartment/room without tenant’s knowledge or presence if necessary for maintenance.

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