Stair halls

In blocks of flats, the stair hall is the main emergency exit in cases of fire. Do not store anything in the stair hall. A burning baby carriage, for example, produces a lot of poisonous smoke and fills the whole stair hall with smoke in a matter of minutes.

Cleaning the stair halls and other common premises

In the downtown locations, the cleaning of the stair halls and other common premises is taken care of by Elli’s own cleaning staff. In the Noljakka, Penttilä, Rantakylä, Niinivaara and Hukanhauta locations the cleaning is the responsibility of cleaning firms.

If you notice faults in the cleaning, please report them to Elli work supervision. Specify the target that you found untidy or poorly cleaned. Also mention the exact time when you noticed the fault. On the basis of your report, we will contact the cleaning person or cleaning firm concerned. It is important that we be notified about deficiencies immediately.

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