The refridgerator and the freezer

The refrigerator, the freezer compartment and the freezer must be cleaned and defrosted regularly. The cooler must be defrosted as needed. Old refrigerators should be defrosted at about a month’s intervals. New refrigerators defrost themselves automatically, but the removal of the melt water must be looked after. Keep the weep hole at the bottom of the melt water tray on the back wall of the refrigerator clean, for example by means of a cotton stick. If the weep hole gets clogged, the melt water will leak into the refrigerator and onto the floor and cause moisture damage. Do not cover the ventilation holes of the refrigerator. When defrosting the refrigerator or another device, never use any mechanical instruments. The tenant alone will be responsible for the reparation costs if the equipment has been damaged mechanically. Frosting weakens the power of the refrigerator and raises its energy consumption. Keep the tubing behind the refrigerator and the underlay of a free-standing refrigerator free of dust. You need to move the refrigerator to clean it. A dirty and dusty refrigerator may cause a fire.

To turn on the full power of the freezer, use the freeze switch. Use full power only when you are freezing something (about 24 hours at a time), for its continuous use would break the freezer.

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