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Itäranta 18

From Joensuu’s prime location, you’ll find an easy and lively option for a student. The city center is a sure choice for urban living, where both entertainment and responsibilities are within a stone’s throw away, or at least easily accessible through good transportation connections.

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House unit number 73. Building completed December 2018.


92 studios and 14 family flats.


There are 23 parking spaces in the courtyard. The spaces are equipped with electric plug sockets for heating, and the instructions for their use are in the link above. Book a parking space


The storages for movable goods are situated mostly on the ground floor of the building. Some of the storage spaces are located on the corridors on 1st-5th floors.. The storages for outdoor recreation equipment are situated on the ground floor, with the bicycle repair station.

Air-raid shelters:

The air-raid shelter is situated on the ground floor, see the rescue plan (in Finnish)

The sauna:

The sauna facilites are located on the 4th floor. Book sauna session


The laundry facilities are situated on the ground and 1st floor corridors of the A-building. The laundry room can be booked by using an electrical booking board and the electronic booking system.

Laundry room (ELS Vision) booking system:

Log in to the system | Download user guide (pdf) (in Finnish)

The tenant will receive the username, password, and an electronic tag for the electronic laundry booking system when receiving the apartment keys. The washing machine will work only for the person who has made the reservation when logging in at the door of the facility.


The internet connections have been implemented by means of the Ethernet solution. See Ellinet-connection.

TV and radio:

The buildings are connected to a cable television network.

Waste disposal:

There is a waste collection point next to the parking lot; you are expected to sort your mixed waste, organic waste, glass, metal, paper, and cardboard waste.

Equipment of the flats:

There is a freezer-refrigerator and a stovetop oven in the studio flats, but no dishwasher or a place for it. There is a freezer-refrigerator, a stovetop oven, and a dishwasher in the family flats. The home/away switch works with the apartment key and controls the lights and electricity in the flat.


The floors in the apartments are vinyl plank flooring. The walls are painted and buffed concrete and plasterboard. All the bathroom surfaces are tiled.

See a virtual render of the apartment

Requires Chrome-, Firefox- or Edge-browser.

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