Repairs by the tenant

The tenants are not allowed to make renovations in their flats on their own. Structural changes, painting, drilling and other such alterations are forbidden. In some cases, however, Elli supervisory staff may exceptionally give permission for such work. Remember, though, that before you do any such work in your flat, you absolutely must ask Elli supervisory staff for permission and you must comply with their work instructions. As a tenant, you are liable for the costs of any repair and alteration work you do yourself unless otherwise agreed.

Upon termination of the lease, the tenant must restore all alterations made in the flat unless otherwise agreed. These alterations include any dismantling and altering of the fixtures. Also, any special equipment installed in the flat must be removed. The tenant is liable for the costs of restoring the alterations. Elli will not undertake the storage of the structural components or pieces of furniture dismantled by the tenant.

No alterations affecting the balcony of the flat or the rest of the building’s facade are permitted.

Have your dishwasher and laundry machine installed by a professional. Monitor the water-tightness of the kitchen-sink joints, so that you detect any possible leaks early. Note that you must have a water-tight tray under the dishwasher.

Do not place any structures in front of the air vents that would weaken the circulation of air or prevent the servicing of the vents or ventilation ducts.

You are allowed to fasten a reasonable number of picture-hanging hooks on the walls. As the turnover of tenants is fairly high in the flats, however, we hope that you hang your pictures onto the wooden strips on the walls. We discourage the use of tape-pad-mounted tile mirrors, for they leave ugly marks when the tiles are removed.

The following measures are absolutely forbidden in the flat:

  • structural changes or painting without a specific permission
  • any mounting or drilling in the bathroom that would pierce the surfacing
  • adjusting or closing the air vents, because doing so would upset the ventilation of the whole building and cause moisture damage
  • bleeding the radiators on one’s own
  • doing electrical installations on one’s own
  • repairing internet or antenna sockets on one’s own.

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