Sorting of waste

By sorting wastes, we reduce the amount of waste going to the dump pit and recycle usable waste back to practical use. When the amount of waste goes down, the building’s waste management costs also go down. The sorting of wastes, then, brings economic benefits.

There are instructions for the sorting of wastes in the waste collection shed. Please follow them. The bins have been colour-coded. Always put your waste in the bins and keep the lids closed.

Organic waste

Organic waste, or biowaste, includes food scraps, the peelings of fruit, vegetables and root crops, egg shells, cleaning refuse from berries, fruit and fish, coffee grounds, tea leaves and filter papers, used kitchen paper and paper napkins, earth from potted plants, parts of plants, withered plants, and garden refuse. Do not throw cigarette butts or the contents of vacuum cleaner dust bags into the organic waste bin.

Gather your organic waste in a bin lined with a paper bag or newsprint.

Mixed waste

Mixed waste is miscellaneous community refuse.

Paper waste

All the paper that comes through the mail slot is good for the waste paper bin. Newspapers, leaflets and letters are good salvage paper. Plastics and waxed, dirty or wet paper are not acceptable for reclaiming. Milk and juice cartons, when washed, are acceptable for the recyclable cardboard bin.

Hazardous waste

Hazardous waste means all the waste that is dangerous for people or the environment. It includes fluorescent tubes, light bulbs, car batteries and all other batteries, oil wastes, and solvents and other chemicals. All these must be taken to the hazardous waste collection site.

Hazardous waste from households can be taken to the Kontiosuo waste collection site at Kontiosuontie 11.

Electric and electronic scrap

Electric and electronic scrap is accepted free of charge by Kuusakoski Oy Ltd. at Lylykoskentie 35 and the Kontiosuo waste collection site at Kontiosuontie 11.

Usable goods

You can dispose of usable goods by taking them to a recycling centre or a flea market. Many recycling centres have a pick-up service.

Decommissioned furniture is accepted by Kiertämö, Salpakatu 1. Leaving furniture in the waste collection sheds is forbidden.

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