Notice of defects

As a tenant, you have a duty to report any faults and deficiencies you find in the flat. Neglecting this duty may lead to liability to compensate.

You can give a notice of defects

When giving a notice of defects, always give your name and contact information. Explain, as precisely as you can, where and what the fault is. If the fault is inside your flat, also say whether the maintenance person may use a master key to enter. If you have pets in your flat, you should also let the maintenance person know about that.

Before giving a notice of defects, consult the responsibility table to see whether the liability for the needed repair is Elli’s or the tenant’s. If in doubt, remember that it is always better to report than not to report an observed fault.

Always report if

  • a tap, the toilet bowl, the stench trap of the kitchen sink, or some other device is leaking
  • a drain is clogged
  • there is water or moisture where there shouldn’t be
  • the ventilation is not working
  • a door or window doesn’t close properly
  • windows are frosting
  • any device is broken
  • if there are odours in the flat that do not belong there.

The faults reported are repaired in an order of importance. We try to repair the faults that interfere with living as quickly as we can.

After repairing a fault, we always leave a note in your flat. It tells you whether we managed to repair the fault and who did the repair. The note may also contain a new time for a repair visit and instructions on how you can prevent the fault occurring again or how you can repair it yourself in the future.

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